ND (19, April,1951 / kalubovila East, Sri Lanka)

A Neigh In The Western Sky

Threesome was in tie-break from time to time.
You see a slight difference otherwise it's very hard to choose the beauteous.
The triangular trendsetters treble the song of life.
The magical gypsy sisters, triplets on their way home with Nick-knacks.
A roll-call in a rodeo but my handsome slapdash cowboy!
Be careful because a gypsy girl belongs to a Romany prince.
It's a hereditary.
Let alone!
Please do not try to transgress and let down yourself.
It could be an ordeal with the opposite.

I dedicate this with condolence to one of my in-laws* Mr.Neil.Panditharathne who passed away today of a prolonged coma.
(30, Sunday, July 2006)
*my elder daughter's Father-in-law

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (4)

Very sad to here of this, your poem speaks from a heart-felt place Thankyou for sharing this personal one Love duncan X
A wonderful and touching piece my friend. I like the imagery in this and the surrealism that appears to be your trademark. I find, more and more that your writing has a uniqueness of itself. This does nothing to disabuse me of that idea.
Consistent with your unique, imaginative style of writing. I am very sorry for your loss. Sandra
A fine write with a mystic flow. Nicely done tribute.