A Nerd's Way Of Thinking

To think like me is to stretch your brain
To think like me you have to train
Your mind must compute game statistics
Your eyes must have uncontrollable ticks
That you don't notice till you play local
Multiplayer and your brother says you're to vocal

To be a nerd like me you need to have glasses
To be a nerd like me you need computer graphics classes
You must love computers and all things digital
You must have metal in your face, call it dental
When the girls ask, to sound cool
Just make sure you don't drool

To be a gamer like me you have to use awesome reflexes
To be a gamer like me you have to not wet your britches
You got to learn how to dance real fast so you can win
You got to run uphill to avoid the garbage bin
That the bullies behind you want to throw you in
Don't look back, and if they catch you beg for mercy
And cover your face unless you want to look like a Dursley

This is the way I think
I'm a nerd who's on the brink
Of finding a new way to roll
So I won't get killed by a troll

by James Anthony Creamer

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