A New Baby Is Being Borne

Poem By Metin Sahin

my hands cannot reach the quinces..pomegranates
i bent down my neck and walk
when my soul burns
that is not something the wolf and the bird know
oh...do not ask me
let the black decree walk on the roads
the garden of my love is in distress
bloody is the hair falling on my fore-head

they are all a handful of life
that i offer to the asccidents and troubles
ohhh..let me die
my hand is empty
my feet are in ambush
that all only i must know
i loved a beauty
and the citadel DIYARBAKIR

bloom the bloody flowers at the other side
and snow falls at the other side
scattered the mount karaca
scattered the mount zozan
look my moustache is frozen
i am feeling cold too
the winter lasting very long
as to never go
i think of you as a spring
i think of you as diyarbakir
thinking of overhelms everything

the river hamavrat is frozen
four finger thick ice in the river tiber
we use the well water
in jugs..buckets and kettles
we make tea with the melted snow
my mother hsdes her syatics like a secret
It is temporary wind she says
will recover in springs
my daughter carries two lives
she is beautiful as you know
this is her first
she hides and is shameful too
we will have an extra life thss winter
my baby..wjhere will i hide you
welcome you
welcome ahmet arif s NEPHEW

NOW YOU are borne
for three days we kept you hungry
for thrre days your mother did not suckle you
for you not to be sick
it is our tradition
attack now to the tits
attack and grow

these are the snakes
these are the centipedes
these are the ones
whose eyes are on our meals
trying to share our meals
know them
know them well and grow

this is the honour
it is engraved in our identification cards
this is also the patience
filtered from the poisons
embrace them and grow

Ahmet ARIF
translation metin SAHIN

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