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A New Bedtime Story
PR Padma Rajaoui ( / California)

A New Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little sheep
who wouldn’t go to sleep. Her name was Ewe.
She cried there was a pea under her mattress,
but there was no pea,
for really it was a wolf
who was wearing Grandma’s pajamas.

The wolf was full from having eaten the little boy
who cried “Wolf! ” all day.
He was stuffed with three little pigs.

He had worked hard spinning straw into gold.
He’d let down his long wolfy hair
out of the ivory tower,
skipped through the forest
with seven little men with weird names,
eaten too much porridge,
and been chased by bears.
He ran and ran until he was lost in a forest
where a witch baked him into a pie
with four and twenty blackbirds.

So now you can see
this wolf was getting very very sleepy.
Ewe was also getting very very sleepy.
And now the wolf has come
to snuggle under Ewe’s mattress,
with his heart made of tin,
and a few winged monkey friends,
who wear sunglasses
to keep out the blinding emerald light.

There’s no place like Home Depot
for you are a little tepot
short and stout,
and here is your fairytale,
and now the lights turn out.

You can drift off to Never Never Land
where you will never grow older
only fatter,
because you will eat only fat,
and the wolf will eat only lean.

September 9,2003

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