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A New Beginning
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A New Beginning

Poem By JRose S

No longer will I be
The quiet one you all see
I'm gonna tell my secrets
Let you know exactly how I feel
Who I am is all gonna change
I've had a wake up call
Life moves too fast
To sit back and let it pass me by
I'm not gonna take bullshit from anyone
Not anymore
I need to get out
Enjoy the life I've been dealt
No longer will I be the one
To be pushed around
And taken for granted
Today is the day everything changes
If you don't like it
Then tough, get over it or walk away
I'm turning over a new leaf
Becoming who I should have been
Say goodbye to who you thought I was
'Cause she's left the building
I'm finally gonna be
Something unexpected
Someone to be noticed
No longer am I gonna be
The quiet girl in the back
Afraid of everything
That life is over
It's time for a new beginning

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