A New Beginning.

The spring has come to us like a well kept promise
you and I travel south
to the wind whipped
clay floored deserts of Southern Utah
where the free flowing streams
talk to you like you're an old friend
and we are old friends.
I hope to never let you go again.
Climb that arch and lie on your tired back
a back that carries so many burdens
gaze up at the stars
burning brightly
the headlights you are caught in
I have caught your gaze
and it will last forever like death
a trip taken to forget
old scars
raised flesh
just as painful as the scars of a whipping
let us gaze at
the stars from our sandstone seat
and forget our differences
It would be quite a feat
for you and I to get to know each other
all over again.

by Carl A.I.

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