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A New Beginning To Life
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

A New Beginning To Life

Poem By Dan Quiles

You have a long a road ahead of you.
We all have a long ahead of us.
Get ready for reality.
College life will not be easy.
Get ready for sleepless nights.
It will surely prepare us for the better.
Responsibilities will come in bushes.
Being pro-active is crucial.
Responsibilities are part of every day life.
I have had my share of some of it.
I am still getting more every day.
Is not going to be that easy.
Nothing ever is.
Get your amour and gear ready.
Be ready for the unexpected.
Careful for those snowball surprises.
Surprises do come in bunches and sometimes in punches.
Life is full of suspense.
At times it can be a mystery.
We don’t have all the answers all the time.
It takes time at times.
Be patient and lenient.
We must always maintain to keep level headed.
As Joseph Conrad says; ‘It is a survival of the fittest
Only the strong survive’.
The ride can be wild at times.
The tide can be fierce at times.
Hardship in life can be cruel and brutal.
Battleship is essential.
It is preferential to stay focus, composed and not decomposed.
But the perseverance of man is always in question.
We are all defined in how we approach our challenges of life.
In is our defining moment.
One must be self-defiance to all hurdles.
Defiant to all things that get in the way is essential.
I am learning everyday to be more perseverant.
Perseverance is key to life.
Not many can identify with being valiant to owning one’s shadow.
Self-identity vs. Influence is always in the horizon.
It has been around for generations.
It is what really defines people.
To be our own individuality should be instrumental.
It is never the case for most people.
It is sad but true.
Always be you.
People should accept you for what you are.
You are special.
You are unique.
Your parents did a great job raising you.
You should be grateful.
I am grateful.
My parents did a good job themselves.
They cultivated me well and swell.
I am glad they prepared me to what is ahead of me.
Life has many steps.
Life has many challenges.
We are faced with different types of roads.
In each road we choose we always learning something new.
Some lessons are better than some.
Eventually we all learn from it.
Reality is crucial but vital in life.
It will define us much better in the long run.
While in school never loose a sense of self.
In each road you will be confronted or peer pressured.
You will witness many things.
You will learn many things.
You will grow and out grow.
But never loose your self-worth.
You are too valuable.
You mean something to someone.
If not now you will soon enough.
You are worth more of a pot of gold.
You should thank God for your existence.
You are the treasure of life.
You are my gift from God.
You are everything I never expected to have or see.
It is special to know that you are authentic,
Ready and gearing for a new chapter
And let’s fly like a helicopter.

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