A New Chapter At University

Poem By Atsiylah Atty Garfinkel

That first day I walked in the door
I sat in the first class waiting to absorb.
To absorb knowledge that would be fed to me with a spoon,
But I was at the wrong place for that, I was in the wrong room.

'Welcome to Antioch University, this class is Educational Foundations.'

I was challenged and poked and asked to look inside.
When it is self reflection there is no where for you to hide.
Learn about Social Justice and Human Rights.
Learn about blood diamonds and wars where a child fights.

Who are the victims and who is at fault?

Challenge your mind and your preconceived notions.
Choose research you care about because here come the emotions.
Studies in writing and management, sociology and education too.
Write paper upon paper until your fingers are black and blue.

It is not what you've done but what you have learned.

Welcome to Antioch University Santa Barbara.
Study at a small Liberal Arts University in California.
Focus on bettering your self and your learning possibility.
My last chance at a better life. Antioch may well have saved me.

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