A New Dawning

I am standing on the street in the pouring rain,
My makeup gliding down my cheeks like rivers gushing from my heart.
My hair is wet, plastered to my face; I am screaming curses to his name.
The pages of his letters are all around me, that I’ve torn apart.
The rain soaks me down to the bone,
I am trying to feel, feel anything at all.
Shutting out the memories of all that love I have once shown.
I use to stand so strong; I didn’t know that I could fall.
I stumbled into this love blind,
And fell out of it like a rock.
He stole my key and began to wind
Open my heart, he didn’t bother to knock.
Once he was in I couldn’t get him out,
Slowly he took over my thoughts.
I am screaming till I can no loner shout.
He made my stomach flip, tied my tongue in knots.
I can’t believe I let him takeover my life,
I was, and think I still am, in love with him
Than why do I feel like he stabbed me with a knife?
I thought he loved me too, I thought it was real, not just a whim.
I don’t think he knows what he is doing to my heart
That’s just like him, to have no idea what’s happening
But no matter what I have a spirit that he’ll never tear apart.
I see, in my life, a new beginning dawning

by Kate Rob

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