(04 October 1943 / Germany)

A New Day

Let dawn arise and send the dark away,
dew drops of silver cling to budding leaves,
reluctance marks the rebirth of the day
as spiders search for victims near the eaves.
Sun's rays grow stronger as they singe the mist
a splash of gold slides off the village cat
while each petunia dreams of being kissed
by happy robins wearing tassles and pink hat.
She fills the basket while the cock objects,
he seems to be a fan and an old fool,
a silver star, a trifle late, briefly reflects
its image in the pond they call the pool.
And now he crows, the sound cuts through the town,
a hundred children scramble out of bed,
a little boy who wanders off to drown
and from the bakery a hint of bread.

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