CB (1946 / Tennessee)

A New Day

Let’s move this there
And that over here;
Make some more room
For this brand new year.
We’ll clean and scrub
And make it all bright;
Organize it all
And put everything right.
Make some goals
We intend to reach;
Look at today’s economy,
It has a lot to teach.
We can rent instead of buy,
Pay off yesterday’s debts;
Learn better ways of living
We’re not finished yet.
Life is all about lessons,
We can make a new start;
Get ourselves together and focused
Instead of falling apart.
Each day is a step toward
A better life down the road;
If we start with better decisions
WE are responsible for what we’ve sowed.
A new year is filled with promises
For a new life and a new day;
There CAN be fresh new beginnings
If we change ourselves along the way.

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If only more young people would listen to these words. Nicely said!