A New Day

When I wake up in the morning,
And see the sun rise in the sky.
I know that I am looking up at Heaven,
This is what no one can deny.

The beauty of the sunrise,
Casting shadows on the plains.
Lighting up the valleys in the mountains,
As daylight starts to reign.

Look at the goodness of the morning,
This is the way to start the day.
Start it fresh every morning,
And keep it good all through the day.

I try to live my life,
As God meant for it to be.
Being as good to my fellow man,
As I would want him to be to me.

The thing to do for all of us.
Is to step up for all the world to see.
Just live by the Golden Rule,
And be the man God meant for you to be.

by Matthew Scopelitis

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good poem.....i felt as though i needed to improve my character after reading this