I'm Coming For You

I thought you knew
I'm Coming For You
I'm a trackstar but right now this a race I won't win, I'm stretching at the starting line rather than preemptively sprinting
I'd rather prepare then see my victory dwindling
I'm Becoming. building myself in every aspect looking forward to the day I can start running. Everything you are & will be is what I envision beside me.I mean what I say. I imagine Free Spirits intertwining.
I thought you knew.
I'm Coming For You.
You have no idea. I have to hold back from posting my daily thoughts and emotions about you on social media.Its true.
I'm amazed by my susceptibility to Love you. To want to hear your voice.To listen to you doze off just as the sun rises from being on the phone all night.
I find comfort that you Love everything I embody.I rationalize and try not to think about the inevitable ' warm bodies'.
I'm Coming for you
You circulate through my mind, thoughts of you have taken refuge in my bloodstream, I seem like I don't care but I have dreams of you and Me.
I see you.you know I do. I thought you knew.
When I come for you It'll be unrelentlessly, Rah and The Divine Feline will be a reality.
While some sleep I'm glad that you awoke.I wonder do you reread the poems I wrote? In every one them I wrote from the heart, the emotion genuine..I repress my need to let you in..Nothing covert.Keep it Overt.The Feline-Jazsmine.

by Rason Ridley

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good poem.....i felt as though i needed to improve my character after reading this