2090 - The Journey Of An Immortal

Having a third eye
in front of your forehead
is strictly disturbing!
I told him,
And what are those things?
wrapped around all over your body
Oh they are snakes!
it doesn't help a bit either!
I added.

What was your name again?
You filthy immortal with a cursed mouth!
He asked without any voice.

Me...! Umm...
I'm just an innocent bystander,
was just passing by and saw you,
sitting here all alone by the woods!
BTW why are you alone like this?
It doesn't feel right in any way!
like a frightened kid,
I lied.

'Tis not right! Not right at all!
And 'tis been a long time!
A long time indeed! Since,
someone went this way.
Don't you dare lie to me,
you damned immortal!
You are much more than that!
I am not a fool, though
I've been abandoned by my people!
People I've cared a lot for,
and FYI, I helped them a lot too!
He thundered, exactly like an
extinct god supposed to thunder.

Have you not known that,
You are having the same fate
as all the others?
I asked,
I'm a lonely wanderer, a truth-seeker!
I've passed thousands of mountains,
numerous water-ways, countless roads!
Met more souls than a single immortal
ever would in his long, long lifetime!
I added.


he seemed angry with me,
or himself for a fact.

Oh! Shush! I've no fear of you!
You're just a statue of an extinct god!
And without your precious followers,
you're nothing, a null! If I may,
I'm just explaining that I already met the others!
Others who share the same fate as you!

on my way here,
I just passed a statue of Buddha
which was covered in a
five centimeters thick layer of dust!
Can you guess what he was doing ATM...?
He was doing his famous and amazing
fire-and-water-at-the-same-time thing
it never did scare me enough!
In fact I always thought it was awesome!

And of course...before that, I passed
A Christian church with a huge Jesus statue
which was concealed by the growing forest!
Neither were visited in a long time,
And neither were well cared for!
I helped the Jesus get off his cross too
He was still angry at some dude called
I guess it never worked for them eh? ? ?
But he helped me fix my-recently-cracked rib,
which was totally cool indeed! ! !
Why aren't you speaking Oh wise one?
Realizing your fate frightens you, I guess!
Hang in there Oh mighty old one!
Wait until 'they' realize 'their' fates! ! !

The clock is ticking, and the time is running!
It won't take too long for 'them' to turn back
Once they do, Remorse will eat 'them' alive
They'll come running back to you!
Regretting what they've said and done,
They'll beg for your mercy, your help!
They'll beg for a way out of their conscious minds!

And BTW I gotta go, Oh wise old one!
I gotta find the one, the ONE who is all!
The one who is called Allahuwathala!
Always wanted to speak with him one day,
Never got the chance because he's everywhere!

by Pamuditha Zen Anjana

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