A New Dream

A single lone bird
you cry for ever
carrying a green meadow
in this dreamy world

by Thampi KEE Click to read full poem

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nice :)
nice poem.Third stanza is interesting. Best wishes.
beautiful poem, good use of short lines.
Thampi, A cry for a new love dream. Good poem using metaphor..
Very nice & beautiful poem I LOVE IT! ! ! ! ! !
very beautiful poem! i really like it :)
Beautiful poem! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!
... I give you mine you give me fine life is not sad sad way you said True, life is not sad. But life is what we make of it. Keep sharing Thampi. Thank you.
very nice.the way you have communicated with birds is touching.loved it.
A single lone bird you cry for ever... why is singleness always related to crying? I agree that there's nothing nice in isolation and it doesn't always end in tears.
Excellent, expressions beautifully crafted.
Enjoyable read that touches the heart! Well penned.; D
wonderful poem.i give you Ten for this one.
A WELL WRITTEN POEM! Alas in Delhi I find only money culture, and further up north, only agriculture! My place of birth, the good old Calcutta, was once the seat of great tradition of culture! Now Bengal politics is eating it away, I have nothing more to say! Thanks for your comments! - Raj
I really love this poem... I give u mine n u give me....so nice
A superb poem with a great flow and very innovative also, very sweet expressions, thanks for sharing! 10/10
beautifull.what an intense feelings. wonderfull write. see this para fo its intense emotion. 'I give you mine you give me your five handful, and break the heartful' voted 10 love surya
Very lovely and much touchy 10
Really touching expression of love regards sandhya
Love is beautiful, something too beautiful to be carried with our only both hands. but we can carry it, with an additional two hands of our lovers. Nice piece..