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A New Eden
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A New Eden

This world’s a paradise again.
The race of man has been erased.
Replaced by beings far more sane
than humankind was as a race.

A warlike and pugnacious breed.
Who would not live by Natures rules.
has been wiped out root, branch and seed.
Ma Nature has no time for fools.

She warned mankind time and again
That they must change their ways or die
they treated warnings with disdain
Because they saw no reason why

They should not seek to dominate
.Impose their will by use of force
Did not accept until too late.
That humankind had run its course.

Another failed experiment
Which Mother Nature brings to a close.
It did not work as it was meant.
As damage to the planet shows

It will take time to recreate
Conditions as they ought to be.
Now Mother Nature’s cleaned the slate.
She can react quite ruthlessly.


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It is a poem of science, extremely abstract.The idea of return of the current nature, devastated, to the nature of Eden is brilliant.Yes, indeed, we need a new Eden....10+++++
Sir, As usual you impress with perfect rhyme, rhythm and reason. For a drowning man catching on a straw You have let the mankind know its flaw, CP
Is this a prediction, I wonder. This piece has made me think. Good.
Good writing with an important message. I have dealt with the same subject in a more mataphoricaly way in my poem 'The Northbound Ship'
perfect meter, fine ryhtm and an indelible message
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