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A New Experience For Friend Colin
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A New Experience For Friend Colin

Across the windswept moors there came.
A long drawn out and eerie cry.
What could it be in heavens name?
Another echoed in reply.

I will admit quite openly
I’m not at all ashamed to say.
This eerie wailing frightened me.
I still remember to this day.

When first I heard a vixen cry
as she was seeking for a mate
The dog fox voiced a quick reply.
Which gave me cause to hesitate.

I’m glad to say I persevered
and faced up to the sound I feared.
I saw the vixen easily
and heard her call repeatedly.

I was no longer frightened by
her strange unearthly screaming cry.
Just then the dog fox came in sight.
She greeted him with mute delight.

What happened then I do not know
I felt it only right to go
Now that I had identified
the animals that loudly cried

their needs upon the evening breeze.
I left to let them mate in peace.
Although their cries had frightened me
I treated them respectfully.

I walked as quickly as I could
towards my home, I understood
they had the right to privacy.
There are some things no man should see.


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