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A New Friend Yet To Be
JGA (16 December 1943 / Nottingham)

A New Friend Yet To Be

Poem By Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

I'll dream of the warmth I'd feel when I'd hold your hand,
How the softness of your lips,
Would bring alive feelings within me,
When my lips would brush yours in a kiss.
Your charm and warmth would encompass me,
I should not want to go,
But, our friendship would have just begun,
And if you'd wish, I would take it slow.

I'd feel that we were meant to be
Friends in whatever guise,
But public affection for us,
Would not be considered wise.
So, please, become my friend,
Have meals and chats and more,
Let's see a film, take in a show,
And music by the score.
Let poetry express my thoughts,
Of places we would have seen,
And pastimes enjoyed by us,
Which alone, would not have been.

Copyright (c) Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 18 February 2004

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