A New Humanity

Deep inside the river of consciousness
Beautiful pearls are being created
Beyond the imagination of men (and women)
Life is being re-configured and refined
Beyond the edges of reason
Beyond the reach of mathematical hypothesis
Humanity is enveloped in a mystic trance
Under the spell of Love
A new generation of human beings will be born
A brand new people will walk the earth
Holding candles of hope
And hearts full of Love
Mankind will never be the same

by Kenneth Maswabi

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Comments (6)

A piece of art all about human of today and yesterday and tomorrow great DO READ MY UNIVERSAL POEM MOTHERS DAY TODAY U WILL APPRECIATE MOMS SMILES ALSO O POET GREAT
A lovely piece of poetry A burning theme so precise and precious..... Thanks for sharing..10
Beautiful pearls are being created through beauty of humanity with interesting and amazing expression in this poem.10
Wow! What an inspirational poem! And I believe it, Kenneth! Excellent write!
A beautiful poem full of hope for mankind. Thanks for sharing.
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