(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Count Your Blessings

Whatever happens day by day
While there is life don't cease hoping
For all the troubles that come your way
Always remember to count your blessings.

Think of the light instead of the dark side
Be optimistic, not pessimistic
When life turns upside-down - and it often will
Count your blessings still.

For a love lost, don't mope around
Where a door is closed, more windows can be put ajar
Love is a blessing, be grateful
For having it at some point in your life.

Failures are part of life
They make it challenging, more worthwhile;
For surviving after the storm
Be thankful for the strength to see it through.

Friends come and go
They're there during great or saddest moments;
For the true friends you have during dark times
Be thankful for the loyalty.

So, no matter what happens never give up
Prayers may seem unanswered sometimes
Yet, stop, think and count,
Your blessings are far greater and superior than your want.

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Maya Angelou

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