(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

A New Journey [rev]

Was met with scathing comment from my kids in an
attempt at creating beautiful spaces; - daughter said
I created childish landscapes wherever I went - and
pointed to the pink edging I applied to the turquoise
curtains in the once-white living room, it might have
passed muster if I hadn't used shiny crystal strings;
my son said the study resembled the local material
shop - and this inspired me to rearrange things

But when I stood on my chair he was shocked at my
daring to balance on a revolving unstable object - &
I sighed - I've been standing on cupboards balanced
on tables which were placed on desks in my office -
through the years; balancing is about knowing where
the pivotal point is and never overextending; yet how
can he know his mother as an acrobat; rearranging is
fun and joys of decorating change it frequently

One long uninterrupted pattern of ornaments & décor
ideas is not fun - I change things as a process is the
best part of anything, a journey of joy, arrival at any
destination only means a new journey is planned…

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