A New Life

All alone in the pouring rain
Carrying nothing with me except the pain
The pain you put into my heart
My heart will somehow make a new start
A new start to a new life….a new life
All alone, face into the wind
Not really caring where I’m going or where I’ve been
I’ve been to the gallows of love before
And love before has knocked me to the floor
The floor is a familiar place… a familiar place
I can look around just the same
And everyone has their own little domains
Some are falling down
Some are tied onto their chains
Me I may be alone, without a home
But I go as I please
Not caring what ones says or sees
Ah a new life….a new life
All alone on this cold winter night
Reminiscing, wishing I could hold you tight
To hold you tight would be all right
And all right would have you here tonight
But tonight I start a new life…. A new life
All alone on this day, all alone
A day I wish I’d never known
Never known anyone quite like you
Like you could make my dream come true
Come true for me today… for me today

by Alfred Ramos

Comments (3)

I liked your imagery in the poem. It is a nice write.
when you got what you desired, it's like gaining a new life.
Oh this is such a brave poem, making the pain beautiful, and looking beyond, at life ahead. Cheers Anita