A New Life Awaits

Day to day, I feel no more
All of my pain is gone
I am dead, dead to you
Can you see me?

All my spirit has gone
Never to return again
Without the feeling
Am I still alive?

The feeling of you there
Of everything we had
Life has ceased for me
What do I have now?

A new life awaits me
I must look forward
The past will haunt me
What is in store for me?

Always remember the past
But never re-live it
One more lesson learned
Do I want to remember?

Every story has a moral
Some don't always see
Negative thoughts come forth
Do you see a moral here?

Let the good outway the bad
Come forth with triumph
For life goes on as it must
Will you join me?

(August 8th,2006)

by Christopher G. Turner

Comments (3)

Life goes on! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
i felt the same way.the past always haunt me also... and you're right about it. Pat is past.We cant change it anymore but we can learn great lessons from it. nice poem Mr. Turner
good message! reminds me of a quote I once heard... 'I can sum up everything I've learned about life in three words - it goes on! ' lol Divina