A New Life

My life begins again with new friends, new hopes,
and an unknown place called "home".
In my golden years I have come at last to this "Woodcrest"
Where all is strange yet somehow most comforting.
From my window I gaze upon the distant hills,
the green fields, the circling woods,
Eternal yet new to me as if just created.
The skies reflect the changing scene,
Cloudy, sunny, misty in turn.
The quiet solitude here contrasts
with city sounds I used to endure.
I put aside my fears of the unknown,
Forgetting my home for a lifetime that I have left behind,
To remember but not to regret that I have opted
To take pleasure in new experiences and new vistas
Which were not imaginable before today.
Then changing scene brings hope, anticipation
and a refreshment of the spirit.
"Woodcrest", I am ready to move on, to dream, and
To rejoice in my new beginning.
Threescore and sixteen years after my arrival on this earth.

by Gordon C. Pierce

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