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A New Love Will Come To Her

Her ex boyfriend gone to live in the warmer clime she feels lovelorn and sad
But such is life I do suppose the good times go with the bad
He was the great love of her life and to him she was true
But he is young and restless and adventure he pursue.

Somewhere up north in the Sunshine State under a sunny Queensland sky
He lay in the shade of a coastal palm the good life he enjoy
The pied Butcherbird is piping just before the sun goes down
And he does not even spare one thought for his ex love in her far southern Town.

To pine for a love that has gone cold seems such a waste of time
For one in her early twenties and in her glorious prime
One of great youthful beauty with shoulder length brown hair
And time will be her antidote for time of all things take care.

For loving someone deeply there can be a price to pay
But a new love will come to her life things do happen that way
Her ex lover lives in Queensland in a warm coastal Town
And she still pining for him tears in her eyes of brown.

Life was not meant to be easy so wrote George Bernard Shaw
And the tears of lost love are hurtful tears and the mental scars of lost love are raw
But given time she will recover and as some wise one did say
When one door closes another opens new love will come to her one day.

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