A New My Way

Hello, my poem's here, and I must say my back is hurting
my notes may bring a tear, and maybe a bit of flirting
I've typed and broke the rule, And I've surfed t'internet highway
I've bored, but just one wish, I penned it my way
My notes, are penned for you, but yeah I know that is pretention
I penned what I had to say, even with a great big correction
I have no plan or wooden horse, A careless note, typed on a weekday
Oh yes, I've just one wish, to pen it my way
Yeah there were poems, just one or two,
that didn't mean a thing to you
But through my poems, I learnt to shout
I met new friends who helped me out
I typed them all, and had a ball
And penned it my way
I've typed, I've shed a tear, I've had my fill, my share of boozing
I stink but felt all that, and can I say, in a fly-way
But no, oh no that's me, I penned it my way
For what is a poem? What has it got?
A bit of fun, a bit of snot
To write the notes in between meals
And not the notes of my ideals
My poem's slow, and God only knows

by Gordon David

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