A New Place In The Sun

My body aches and it’s hard to breathe.
I hurt myself when I was only moving.
I know it’s going to be painful to leave
But with a newer space I won’t be losing.

With wooden walls and wooden cupboards
and two big bathrooms that really do work.
I’ll make it my home with what I can afford
and I can just smell the coffee as it perks.

With a backyard with only sand and dirt,
I’ll have to plant grass to cool off the dogs.
It can get pretty hot on their feet and hurt
And a running path will make easier jogs.

My cats Bongo and Patches are confused.
Patches hid under the bed for a whole day
While my friends moved things and used
a dolly to get the furniture out of the way.

The Lord must have something in mind
when He made this house available for me.
What will I learn here or what will I find?
I will just praise Him and bend my knee.

I’m physically weak but internally strong.
I can’t lift like I used to. I lean upon You.
I’m determined to finish, singing a song.
Your love and Spirit I pray guide me too.

I thank you now Lord even though it’s hard.
I know your plans are much better than mine.
Lord I pray you stay close to me, don’t be far
For it’s all about You and Your will divine.

by Kathryn Tyler King

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