TH (August 25,1945 / Plainwell, Michigan)

My Friends And Loved Ones- In Dedication To My Pals @ School!

we know that love is there for all
friends and family at home or abroad
this is to spread the love to all
this is no matter if the going gets tough
family and friends in this world
are as important, more important in fact
than cash alone,

cash means nothing to me,
but friends mean it more to me than you'll ever know
you know that i'll be there for you always.
forever may family and friendship reign

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what a masterpiece theresa my dear.deep from the bottom of my heart, i really enjoyed your writes.marvellous.the story lines were superb.i'm gonna look out for your pieces soon.appreciated pal.
I'm at a loss to say anything profound about this; it's a bit like the first viewing of Guernica, back when it was fresh and not an icon. It's a movie, a novel, it reveals you as I hope you want to be revealed. I got the motorhome and a cell phone that I never answer.
a gentle (to me anyway) flowing tidal ferosity of tangled biomechanoid psycho- political gremlin tragicomedy I've come to know and love.