A New Society

Broken we fall,
Broken and we bleed,
Broken hearted we always leave,
I’m not sorry for all the pain,
I’m just sorry you didn’t stay.
I’m not sorry for all the hurt,
I’m just sorry for all we didn’t say.
I don’t want love anymore,
I don’t like the tears,
They burn and sting.
Once I was free and my heart was a bright red,
Now my finger tips are painted with all the blood you caused me to shed.
I call this depression my new home.
Where hope lingers light,
And light doesn’t linger at all,
Because broken we will always be,
Black hearts,
A new breeed.
Souls lost to all the horror of the pain,
Our bodies forever in shock.
And we will die in this shame, we trusted.
We trusted a little too much.
We let our wants take over, only felt lust.
I’m not sorry one bit, not at all.
I’m just numb all the way through I feel nothing at all.
Our breed is a small one with no purpose but, more of us will come.
We are the broken hearted society.

by victoria martinez

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I couldn't have said it better myself. Nobody else could either.