NIS (4 September 1915 - 14 April 2005 / Youngstown, Ohio)


People get fed up,
With everything someone does,
So they start screaming at them,
Just cuz.

But the thing that they never think,
Is what their thinking at that moment,
And now they really want to do it,
Because of the apponent.

So as soon as they got home,
They go right to the kitchen,
They pull somthing out of the drawer,
It was a knife they were fetchin.

They start writing a simple note,
On why they would even commite,
They write on that note everything,
And why they would think of that s*it.

After they got done,
Writing that little note,
They grab the rope from the closet,
And in their words they quote.

I no longer wish to live,
In this life I don't deserve,
Seems like everyone has a problem with me,
Except for that little perv.

So thet get up on that chair,
Tie the rope around their neck,
They madethat it was tied on,
Teir words were 'What the heck.'

They kick the chair and was hanging,
They swung forward and back,
They stab themselfs with the knife,
As one of their bones had a crack.

So next time be nice,
And pretty please confide,
to that one person because,
It's never a pretty suicide.

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Comments (5)

i loved this piece. very deep
Are you serious.... you got that tie the rope kick the chair form me.... (and it is very good keep writing) ... Remember all the stuff i taught you and told you....!
Excellent poem you wrote..... I love it..
this is a dark poem. i love it. it really presents most of my experinces. keep it up.
wow, fantastic! This was truly chilling, I love it, in a sad way. Very rough and sentimental at the same time. excellent! please check out my poems! Samuel Stuart Pennell