A New Story Of Hope

Through the days, my eyes have seen all
Dreams come true, some in perdition
The foolish pride of men revealed
Lives lost, picked from twigs
Ashes scattered by the wind
Through them, all remains
The fervent heart
Of a child
A fairytale, you
May say, yet the story
Of goodness of humanity
Kept me on through the darkness
Made me strong even in dire weakness
Everywhere I look there is a new story of hope

by Doris Cornago

Comments (3)

What does not kill you makes you strong, so don't resist challenges in life.
Do you see anything in dark soil with wilted plants - yes, you do as you see the orange-y setting sun in all its glory as contrasted with the stark foreground. This is how our life's dark moments serve us - make us more aware of precious moments in between.
Serendipity is my favorite pastime. It keeps me on my toes and has given me the best years of my life.