(13 May 1977 / Swabi)

A New Trial Again

Injustice prevails
With hidden lies
The justice is down to earth
Each morning a new trial
Begins with unknown sins
To hide them one must go to trial
And face a death sentence
Without any envolvement
Without any crime
Proofs are collected
An image is printed in the news
Showing the unknown criminal
One must be similar to that
And must be a Muslim
Because the crime is being a Muslim
The world know that more than me
That energy is under the feet of Muslims
The flowing oil needs to be burnt
With neuclear warheads
To rush to the destruction
One must be a Muslim
Another trial of another Muslim
No one knows but everyone knows
That life is energy
And the survival of the fittist
It should be snatched from the Muslims
And this is the agenda of the world
To keep it under control for ever
The Muslims should be crushed
And that is the war on terrorism
To hunt down any moving thing
Perhaps no one knows the danger
Because nothing happened
Only the Muslims suffers
And that is an inferior race
The world thinks so
O, thinkers of the world
Do you not see this?
The injustice on the face of Euroasia
The struggle for power destroys our humanity
We should fight for our survival
Because that is our right
O, thinkers of the world
Feel it like your home crashes under the fire
Your children blasts along the Clusters
Feel it like your brother is snatched from you
And returned to you the next day with lost organs
Feel it like you cannot weep and your heart breaks
Feel it your heart is so important for humanity!

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