This Wondrous Land Australia

The wonders of this wondrous Land Australia
From tiny honey possum to red roo eight foot tall
One of the world's most amazing countries
If not the most amazing land of all.

A big wide Land of varying degrees of climate
In the northern tropics it's warm all year round
And in parts of new south Wales and Victoria
In Winter months snow on the higher ground.

The Land of more than eight hundred bird species
Home of the kookaburra and emu
The pleasant fluting of the white backed magpie
The grating calls of the white cockatoo.

The land of the burrowing marsupial wombat
He excavates a huge den in the ground
The numbats of outback western Australia
In hollow logs in dry lands can be found.

The dingo the only wild dog of Australia
A sheep killer or so it has been said
The farmer try tp poison or to shoot him
But dingo always that one step ahead.

The dry brown lands better known as the outback
Stretch off the highway far as you can see
The rainforests of northern New South Wales and Queensland
In this great Land of diverse scenery.

North in Kakadu known as land of the Dreamtime
Lives the world's oldest indigenous race of man
For sixty thousand years their home Australia
By any standards quite a lengthy span.

In south Australia in the ancient Coorong
In salt pan country where only saltbush grow
A land untamed by man of rugged beauty
Where black tribes fished and hunted centuries ago.

The mountain eucalypt forests of new south Wales and Victoria
The treeless outback wide and flat and brown
In Central and western Australia
Six hundred miles to the nearest country town.

The wonders of this wondrous Land Australia
From two inch creature to the eight foot tall
One of the world's most amazing Countries
If not the most amazing one of all.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (7)

your words spoke of beauty, its frailty, in clay, of birth, creation, nativity, the vessel holding the form of life, to behold, to contain...and mold, according to lifes' continuing hold
What shall it hold? ....i think it holds all you felt while moulding it, hope it was a big vessel, lovely....smiling alana
In centuries to come it may be found whole or broken in the earth's soil to give pleasure to whoever finds it, as we today find treasures in the mud beneath our feet. A lovely creation of a poem in every way. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
I remember the slippery feel of the clay between the two hands - the left still, providing the anchor, the guide, the other gently easing, loving the pot into shape. What a superb metaphor for the role of a loving parent from the first moment of birth to the final push from the nest. Superb poem, warm and filled with wonder. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
This was wonderful to read, it hummed along so nicely, and left the impression of the clay spinning on the wheel. Very nice work. Thanks
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