A New Way To Wake Up

i haven't written a poem in years now
every time my pen hits paper its for someone else
answers to essays
tax forms
boring shit
shit that makes you forget you ever felt alive
three affairs this summer
my new way of trying to wake up
now im a liar
a cheat
and i dont feel any better
i used to be a goddess
i used to be a tornado
i used to dance with ghosts in grassy meadows
now i kiss boys to find myself
im a beggar
im a slut

by anonymus anonymus

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Comments (2)

i understand everything you wrote; i go though these emotions everyday and its a great way to write the sadness u feel.. ♥ thank you
wow! very strong words of someone who has most diffentaly gone through this.....sorry to hear these things....a slut is not a good thing......remember this quote 'your a very special person...'cuz GOD dont make no junk'! ! !