HMB ( / Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

A New World

Oh planet earth in all your beauty
I see the squalor, starvation with fear
in the eyes of the children, standing there.

My face was wet with tears I felt the
mist aswirl, In blindness I could not see
the world, I looked far out at the horizon blue
To a world unearthly, impossible, seeming,
I heard shouts of power, with greed
The tumult awoke me from my dreaming.

Many thousand human souls,
They were not alone,
But we with our dreaming,
will have chance to atone,
Can we have lost the power to speak,
Of roaring winds, or the crying to cease,

I dreamed a dream of a glorious future
A great new world of sweetness with joy
For all people on earth, with freedom soil
Beneath their feet, with Brotherhood, of love
Can we have gained a whole world of
planet peace, or one that is coming to birth.

by Helen M. Bryant

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