A New World

Is there a man who never ate
his daily bread with tears,
is there a man whose destined fate
led to the land of fears?

Is there a man who never loved
another human being,
is there a surgeon, scrubbed and gloved
who operates unseeing?

Is there a man who steals and robs
who hesitates but kills,
a killer who so loudly sobs
about all mankind's ills?

Is there a man good in his heart
who will not compromise,
or is he just another tart
a man made up of lies?

Is there a God, so good and pure
a holy, but free sample,
that he could guarantee a cure
by heavenly example?

Are all the Gods up in their sky
completely apathetic,
and are they of indifferent eye
besmirched by anaesthetic?

Is there a world that we foresee
that could approach perfection,
or does the fault lie painfully
with faulty gene selection?

There is no God, no world, no man
who'd make us only proud,
we need a new God, one who can
come down from his high cloud.

A God who doesn't sit and snicker
about our bad behaviour,
nor raise his finger, scold and bicker,
can we please have a saviour?

And will He pardon my advice
to scrap all DNA
and I don't care if this defies
the rules He may obey.

Is there in all the universe
a bigger, sadder mess,
if not perhaps He could rehearse
new plans, where best is less.

'Cause I am certain He does know
this world must be destroyed,
all new ones will be pure, and glow
forever overjoyed.

No blame shall fall upon Him then
for all the hasty dealings
He did when He created men
Good luck, God, no hard feelings.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

nicely written poem....
I missed this one earlier herbert a great piece of poetry, pure in the sense they cant call it anything else surely With a warmth allan
Kinda sad Herbert. But it it helps us get a new world, I'll go first.... Nah, take the hound...
indeed, no hard feelings at all..well done.