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A New Year

Though we do not shake hands
But, we might all shed a tear
As we all say goodbye, unto another year.
A year that brought us good times and good fortune
Or a year which brought us sad times and also misfortune,
We will not shake hands, but we will kiss and say goodbye
And another year we will await hopefully with a gladdened eye.

We all will stand up and get together
With feistiness and only good cheer
As we all wait for the arrival, and hopefully that of a better year.
Goodbye we say to the old and our past solutions
Now we prepare for a new year and a new set of resolutions,
And then when the bell chimes at midnight
We will dance and sing and we will party with joy and delight.

A new beginning we will wait for it to arrive
And then when we turn around it will be here
We will accept and welcome it, while hoping for a better New year.
Friends and acquaintances will never be forgot
But, new adventures and deeds will indeed will be sought,
And we will be singing and remembering just waiting to hear
To one and all a happy and a better New Year.

Randy L. McClave

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