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A New Year
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A New Year

Poem By JRose S

Last year things were a little rocky
When I told you how I felt
You avoided me
Rarely said hey
Yet over time things got a little better
Now its a new year
Things are so different
We don't see as much of each other as before
Yet we talk again
You bring a smile to my face still
I've seen a few on you as well
I hope things go farther
Though if it stays where we're just friends
I will learn to live with it
For the fact that I would rather have
You as a friend than a face in the crowd

We've talked in school
As well as after
We've listened to music
We've watched TV shows
On your mp3 player
You've looked at me when you thought I wouldn't see
You laughed at all my stupid mistakes
You've picked me up when I'm down
You've brought the smile back to my face
Things are starting out great
So I don't want to ruin it
All over again
I won't tell you I like you
Cause I would hate to lose you
I'd rather be friends
Than nothing at all

Though there's always hope for more....

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