DW ( / Covington Kentucky)

A New Year, Another Chance

One more year to change…
One less year to do it in
Start now…don’t give in
One more chance
To do it in!

You can be better…
If you try
You can feel better
That’s no lie

You can do better this year
Through thick and thin
Look up! Start now!
Don’t give in!

A new year…(you only get so many)
A new start… (only you can do it)
One more chance… (this time stick to it)
To do it in!

New year ‘s eve is near
Are you gonna stay the same
If so…shame, shame, shame! !

No war! No more fear!
You can do it! Let’s do it…
different this year! !

Stop smoking…lose weight
Be happy…Work out! …No drugs! …
Love yaw! ! lot’s of hugs

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