SM (21-01-2003 / Odisha, India)

A New Year For The Poor

Though we make the most of New Year's Day,
Smiles stand far from some in dark,
For us it's the time to make the hay,
Yet for some this day leaves no mark.
Though we will be chorus and often carols,
They will be singing their road-side strains,
And we will be dreaming of toys and dolls,
But they will be wishing a hand, full of grains.
Longer and longer our smiles shall run,
But they will be in darkness finding their home,
Sleeping under moonlight far alone,
And won't be knowing that New Year has come.
This day is indeed to make it great,
But by bringing smiles to those we hate.

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Comments (3)

You have very beautifully depicted the chasm that exist between the rich and the poor and this also shows your sensitivity towards the various ills that plague our society. Well written. 10/10
Great compassion shown here for the less fortunate ones......Saheb.......very well penned with compassionate words......great thought and great poem with rhythm and rhyme.....10
You have beautifully drawn the darker side of life when on one side the festivities of New Year are in full swing! There are people who crave for a square meal while many others splurge in luxury! We have to be aware of this and extend our generosity to the deprived! Great poem!