A New Year's Coming

A new year's coming
without so many old things,
yesterdays times humming
in memories now sings.

So long for old and gone
now it's time to forget you,
and carry life's fortune on
let the new times through.

Nothing is forever same
it'll depart away or chance,
a new fire from old flame
old recollections to arrange.

You who have left the stage
so long to all your old giving,
the new year is of new age
for life newborn and living.

But loved ones don't depart
they still are a part of you,
though gone they're in heart
constantly coming through.

For love's inside everywhere
like seeds of blossoms spring,
recollections for you to share
through years and time to sing.

by Peter S. Quinn

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Peter, such a very nice poem welcoming the new horizon👍👍👍