A New Year Song

Poem By Golda C NjiribeakoAlexander

We are here once again, beaming with smiles
Despite the hurt and pains, the cries and pains
of the past year and all those years gone by
Despite the ups and downs of the years gone by
We sit together once again beaming with smiles!

As the New Year rolls in in her regality and uncertainty
That is the beauty of God's Creation; uncertainty
We wish to send forth this New Year Song to our Nethugs Family
We wish to say we love you all despite the distance
We wish you all a blessed year filled with God's love

Happy New Year, friends!

(C) Golda Alexander Jan '08.

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golda, i find a nice poem, a nice expression

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I Love The You, I Know.

Looking back on the times we’ve been there for the other
Looking back on the memories of just the two of us
Looking back on the highs and lows of being in love
Looking back on occasions we’ve cried on each other’s solid shoulder

African Angel

You look so massive, yet so cool, and so gentle
You look so captivating, so charming and so sweet
You smile down at me; I feel my heart skip a beat
You glance my way, I feel my feet go wobbly underneath

On His Wings

The love of the Lord is my solace
All my life I have held firm to his love
I never doubted him even when am alone
Without my family, lover, friends or foe


Life, so familiar yet strange
Life, so simple yet difficult
Life, so sweet yet bitter
Life, so pleasant yet harsh

My Beloved Friend

My beloved friend
Whom I always prefer because
of the comfort that I feel
whenever I am with you