FS (Ageless. / in Cornwall U.K.)

A New You.

Close your eyes and gently walk
Down dreamy Memory Lane.
Now stoop to pick and smell the flowers.
Choose just short stays - or stay for hours!
You're happy once again.
You're YOU.

Feel release right through your frame.
Your heart begins to breathe.
With stress gone, grasp this slower pace,
Relax - you're in a different place
And never want to leave.
You're a new YOU.

Examine what you feel right now.
What words spring to your mind?
Lightness? Freedom? Relief and Bliss?
Remember these so you'll not miss
The rescue you will find.
You're a relaxed, new YOU.

Envision your new rescued heart
Which nothing can invade.
This place to go when things are hard
Will transform you, when once you start
To value what you've made.
You're a relaxed and happy new YOU.

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Comments (32)

A lovely poem Fay, puts you in a good mood to start the day.
This poem started relieving me of stress within moments of reading the first few lines! ! ! ! ! This poem shoulkd be bottled! ! ! ! ! !
The words give a new energy to face life.good work.
New York, not ole York.. A walled city versus an open space.
Definitely a great poem to make One person to feel good about living a peace filled life! ! ! :)
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