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A Nice Day By The Hopkins

A nice day by the Hopkins River for the middle of July
On timber post midst the waterway the pied shag hang her wet wings out to dry
Where the coots in large flocks assemble in for them a good feeding place
For awkard looking little birds on land on water they move with grace
The male musk duck with an inflatible bag of skin under bill in the deep slow waters dive for prey
I've never seen these birds on land though them I do not see every day
By the famous Hopkins River within six weeks of the Spring
Amongst the wattles yellow flowers the honeyeaters chirp and sing
Where the Hopkins River deepens and at a snail's pace crawls slow
As near to the Pacific ocean it silently does flow
A very ancient waterway as old as father time
The Hopkin's that's been honoured in story, song and rhyme
On a nice day in mid Winter that is sunny though quite cool
Crawls onwards towards the ocean near the Town of Warrnambool.

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