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A Nice Day In Early December

A beautiful evening of warm sunshine and breeze
With a forecast high of twenty three degrees
On the gum trees the young long billed corellas to their parents for food do call
They may be dependent on parenting perhaps till the early Fall.

A beautiful day in the early Summer a beautiful time of the year
The weather warm in the southern Country when the festive Season is near
The warm air full of the buzzing of bush flies and of nectar gathering bees
And multi coloured butterflies flitting around the flowering bushes and trees.

Such beauty that inspires the artist and of which the poet does love to write
For Nature and for poetry lovers a beautiful poem for to read and recite
The Goddess of Nature is blooming she does look so lovely today
The bright smiling face of the Summer is with us for her three months stay.

A nice day in early December not a gray cloud in the blue sky
The dark swallows high above the paddock can be heard chirping as they fly
'Tis nice to be out in such weather to walk in the warm sunlight
And how can one not but be happy on a warm day breezy and bright.

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