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A Nice Evening In March

Though with each passing day Winter is drawing near
Sunny March in the southern Fall a pleasant time of year
Some of the leaves on the deciduous trees are beginning to brown
In the early Autumn in the southern town

The parks and the paddocks could do with some rain
And not one drop of water in the roadside drain
In the bare and dry paddocks the farmers feeding their cattle hay
They are hoping for rain though rain seems far away

The signs of Climate Change are everywhere around
Last night's rain by sun and wind already sucked out of the ground
Yet it is nice to be out walking in the sunlight
On a day that is warm and breezy and bright

The dark welcome swallows do chirp as they fly
In pursuit of flying insects in the sunny sky
On a nice evening in March for to be out and about
In the early Fall in the coastal south.

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