HB (2/24/1932 / Houghton Lake, Michigan)

A Nice Old Man

A nice old man once asked me,
what I was going to do,
was I going thru life alone,
or find a love so true? ,
I told this man, my story,
of how my life had gone,
how I have been so lonely
for so very long,
but that I 'd been searching
and I had finally found,
the one I wanted beside me
to keep me on the ground,
I told him all about you
about what you mean to me,
I told him that your love is true,
and will last for eternity,
this man had set me thinking
why was I holding back,
tears made my eyes start blinking,
cause my life had been so black,
then I turned to tell him
what I'd wanted to tell you for so long,
but there was no one there
the nice old man was gone,
I ask you now my darling
I ask on bended knee,
I ask you now my darling,
will you marry me? .

written by Harry Bryant
8/24/02 2: 46: 09 AM ©

by Harry Bryant

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A nice poem.simple and beautiful.