A Night

As the earth shies away
From the source of hope,
The mortals back in theirs;
While the satan out.

The skies go still
But for the clouds;
The land chills
And some howls.

Wandered on the border,
Between land and water;
Splash splash splash,
Music and hash.
Toiled from dwellings,
One to the other;
To earn for self
And serve the unknown brother.

Exchange of air,
At a speed more than fair;
Makes cupid bloom
And also is borne, hate.
Beats to dance,
Mind in trance,
Its all heywire,
Bulb separated from wire.

Some find on streets,
Some on cotton and feathers,
All have it tight;
In the state of earth
Called NIGHT! ! !

by kaavyaa kriday

Comments (2)

your poetry speaks highly of ur intellect lovely poems keep writing :)
Beautiful..full of imagery! A 10!