MM (3/16/60 / Macungie, PA.)

A Night At The Play

The lesson
A play
The actors
She and I

Act one, the scene, a night filled with sorrow
Outside the wind howls through the trees
Her line, I've had enough
In reply, his heart dies

Act two, it's more of the same
She's wanting time
Needing space
He's heartbroken and trapped
Is he going insane

As the play goes on
The actors are predictable, yet complex
They each stand their ground
Reluctant to give
Saying their decisions
Is a decision to live

The curtain opens
We begin act three
She's returned from far away
He longs to see her face
Though he now sees a look
Of shame and disgrace

The look and the words
They are one and the same
she's trying to move on
His hands shake
Crying bitterly, repeating her name

Welcome, sit down
Please shut the door
We've returned from intermission
The beginning of act four
A rushing climax
the crowd waiting patiently
Hanging on every word
Do they hope, will they cheer
Will wedding bells be the final
Music score

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a frequently staged scenario It is possible to love enough to forgive but rarely happens