The Wind, One Brilliant Day

Poem By Antonio Machado

God of all creation,
Enter into my soul.
Let me feel the love you show,
So that I your kindness know,
Help me please to learn and grow,
Making my spirit whole.

God of all creation,
Enter into my soul.
Let me feel your presence near,
So that I will have no fear,
And your name to so revere,
Make my spirit your goal.

God of all creation,
Enter into my soul.
Lift me up when I am down,
Take away my solemn frown,
Wrap me in a holy gown,
My spirit to thus console.

© Ernestine Northover

Comments about The Wind, One Brilliant Day

It means you believe in...
A wonderfully structured prayer and beautifully worded. Love, Andrew xx
and i say, Amen and Amen, Ern..And i pray that the God of all Creation will hear your prayers.a nice uplifting piece and prayer.I can pray with you, too with this. God of all Creations, Let her voice be heard Comfort her everyday Let your Light shine upon her And protect her with your mantle of Love. I pray and thank you for in faith..Amen and Amen

3,1 out of 5
46 total ratings

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