A Night In The Life

I awake from the evening before,
My coat still lays stranded.
I pick it up and march from the house.

Two thirty.
I'm home after a clensing stroll,
Unknowing of the consequence.
I dress and buckle up my belt again.

As I eat, to recharge my energy,
Morrissey screams at me
From the radio, a thousand 'don'ts'.

Seven p.m.
Out again and in the same crowds,
Reborn people alight my brow.
I pick my target with wreckless care.

Nine fifteen.
Introduced, seduced, reduced,
A few drinks and its done.
I make our way back to her place.

It's called the bewitching hour
for a recurrant reason.
It appears I've done it again.

by Adam Mason

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